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Local History

A Local History Toolkit

About the project

Teams at LEARN have embarqued on the process of building a collection of guides, tools, strategies and project examples to help you explore the history of your region, all the while in the context of our respective subject areas and fields/scopes of interest.

A fundamental question began our journey: How can learning about local history help me understand myself and my community? For an overview of where and why we began this collection, read our blog entry Learning in Place: Working towards a local history learning toolkit.

Investigations - Guides and Tools For Research

Finding traces!

In people and places you will find traces, that can provide entry points to learning about a region. You can discover these traces  through interviews, through site visits, by examining photographs, documents, objects or artifacts, etc.

Visit some tools and ideas at right.

Local History Projects and Processes

Learning scenarios for making Curriculum Connections and for doing local history within and across your subject-area competencies and other methodologies.

ARTS UDL Local History Activity Models

Click here to view the English version in a separate window.   |  (Version français ici.)

Digital Competency UDL Local History Activity Models

Browse below, or click here to view our English version in a separate window.   Cliquez ici pour la version française.

Step-by-step student checklists are embedded into the five activity models below. Click here to access them in English. In line with UDL, these checklists aim to optimize individual choice and autonomy. Educators can present all five activities. Then, students can select which activity to complete and monitor their individual progress using the checklists.

Local History Toolkit – Arts Resources

Browse below our resources for the Local History Toolkit, which features visual arts project ideas for educators.

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