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Daily Physical Activity

What is Daily Physical Activity?

Daily Physical Activity (DPA) is planned and spontaneous physical activity that people do on a daily basis.

Activities could vary in intensity and type, they can be quick, simple, functional, and performed within a limited amount of space (i.e. the classroom!). Research shows that DPA contributes to better overall physical, mental, and social well-being at all ages. Active children are more likely to participate in physical activity as adults, meaning they will stay healthy long after they have left the school environment.

Source and more information: Daily Physical Activity Interactive Reference Guide, page 4.

All across Quebec, teachers are working with students to be active citizens that make a positive difference in their school and wider community.

Why be Physically Active?

Why include more movement into the school day? For starters, the answer includes an appreciation for the many ways that students – and everyone – can benefit from physical activity beyond just the oft-cited physical health benefits (which remain important, of course). The truth is, through almost any lens – whether it be physical health, cognitive functioning and learning, self-regulation, building community in the classroom and social skills development, developing physical literacy, or increasing levels of student engagement in learning – movement can help.

Teacher Tools for Physical Activity

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