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Intellectual operations badge guides (secondary)

Intellectual Operations Badge Guides (Secondary)

Secondary-level guides on how to practice the Intellectual Operations.

Note that there are Elementary versions of these guides here and all the badge images are available here in a separate folder.

These guides have been adapted by (and expanded upon) by original French versions by the RECITUS. The original French original versions are available here on their site.

Intellectual Operations Badge Guides

The student must identify an actor, a group, an action, a measure, a role, a territory, an economic activity, a phenomenon.

Download English secondary version of the guide, several worksheets, as Google Slides: Go to site  

The student must associate demonstrations or descriptions with facts that are related to them.

Access current English version Go to site

The student must demonstrate the causal link between the specified elements.

Access current English version  Go to site

The student should indicate a fact, for example, the contexts, interests, objectives, influences, actions, which explains a historical reality. The student should indicate a fact that springs from a historical reality.

Access current English versions:  

Causes Go to site

Consequences Go to site

The student must chronologically order facts taking into account time markers. It must situate a fact or set of facts on a timeline. It must classify facts according to whether they are earlier or later than a time marker.

Download English Google Doc secondary example  Go to site

The student must situate geographical elements, facts or territories in space.
Guide to come.

Download English Google Doc example  Go to site

Students should identify differences and similarities or points of convergence or divergence.

Access current English versions:

Convergence & divergence Go to site 

Similarities & Differences Go to site

The student must identify a fact that shows that a historical reality is being transformed or maintained.

Access current English version:

Changes and continuities Go to site

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