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Financial Education

Browse the sections below for access to our Teacher and Student Resources and to
various opportunities for Professional Development.

LEARN Educational Resources

Teaching Resources

Welcome to LEARN's section in support of the Québec Financial Education program. Our teacher resources consist primarily of English adaptations of the "EduFin Chapters" developed by the RÉCIT de l'univers social and other partners.

Browse further below for student versions and lists of curated resources.

Here are our Financial Education “chapters” adapted from the RECITUS French versions. Note that  the Teacher Guides & Google Slides are accessible only by joining our Social Sciences teacher group.   Teachers can request access by joining here.

  1. Introduction to financial education  (2 periods).       Student Booklet    Teacher Guide    Google Slides
  2. Establish your personal budget   (2 periods).       Student Booklet    Teacher Guide    Google Slides
  3. Rights and responsibilities of consumers and traders  (2 periods).    Student Booklet     Teacher Guide   Google Slides
  4. Make informed consumer choices   (3 periods)            Student Booklet    Teacher Guide    Google Slides
  5. Continue my studies or enter the labour market?  (2 to 3 periods)      Student Booklet     Teacher Guide     Google Slides
  6. How to finance your studies?       Student Booklets:  (Fictional situation)   (Real situation)   |    Teacher Guide     Google Slides
  7. Balancing school and work  (1 to 3 period).      Student Booklet     Teacher Guide     Google Slides
  8. Rights and responsibilities of workers  (4 periods).       Student Booklet    “NEGO” simulation     Teacher Guide    Google Slides
  9. Entering the workforce  (3 periods).       Student Booklet     Teacher Guide    Google Slides
  10. Paying taxes (3 periods).       Student Booklet     Teacher Guide    Google Slides
  11. What Type of Credit to Choose? (3 periods).       Student Booklet     Teacher Guide     Evaluation    Google Slides
  12. Why you should save and how (3 periods).        Student Booklet     Teacher Guide     Google Slides
  13. Advertising and Consumers (3 periods).        Student Booklet     Teacher Guide     Google Slides

Student Resources

LEARN's student resources consist primarily of English student workbooks adapted from versions by our RECIT partners.

Professional Learning Opportunities


LEARN and partner workshops will be displayed below when they are available.

Pedagogical Support

If you need help or are searching for specific resources, contact us and we will get back to you.

Curated Resources

Curated Teaching and Learning Resources

Adult & Vocational Training
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