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Contemporary World

Browse the sections below for access to our Teacher and Student Resources and to
various opportunities for Professional Development.

LEARN Educational Resources

Teaching Resources

Browse recent resources specifically designed for teachers of Québec's Contemporary World program, or use the Educational Resources search page here.   Scan further below on this page for useful student resources and curated external sites.


An online mapping tool

Cartograf allows students and teachers to create and share maps, collect and analyze images, and work collaboratively on class projects! Our sample maps can also be used as-is in your class!

Student Resources

Browse some recent resources below, or use the Educational Resources search page here

Professional Development Resources

Below are a few recent posts and other key resources related to the social sciences that we have posted. You can search other professional learning resources in Educational Resources here.

Professional Learning Opportunities


Visit our Workshops and Pedagogical Opportunities page for information on what is coming up!

Pedagogical Support

Need help? Let us know and we will contact you.

Curated Resources

Curated Teaching and Learning Resources

Curated Professional Development Resources

Have you got a favourite Podcast or Youtube station or other online media source you use for PD or in your classes? Tweet it to @paulrombo 

Hecho con Padlet

Hecho con Padlet

View this series of seven video capsules, designed to help Social Science teachers acquire a deeper understanding of the Intellectual Operations.

Thanks to Andrew D’Anna, Consultant at English Montreal School Board, and his team. These capsules were inspired by the research of Dr. Catherine Duquette (UQAC), Dr. Nicole Monney (UQAC), Dr. Sylvie Fontaine (UQO), and Laurie Pageau (PhD candidate, ULaval).


Learning Communities & Professional Associations

Various associations and groups allow SocSci teachers to communicate and share, and to develop as professional learners. Here is a list of few key groups:

Adult & Vocational Training
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