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Physical Education and Health

Browse the sections below for access to our Teacher and Student Resources (SECONDARY) and to
various opportunities for Professional Development.

LEARN Educational Resources

Teaching Resources

Welcome to the new dedicated Physical Education & Health page for Secondary. Scan below to find learning strategies, document collections and more.

PHE PDIG 2023-2024: Student Self-Evaluation Project

This project explored the idea of using google forms as a means to help students understand their own level of knowledge in physical education by re addressing certain key concepts learned throughout different units. 

We have been able to develop certain prototypes to ensure that these self-assessments are in line with the specific progressions of learning throughout the PEH program. Furthermore have pursued the most recent research on the theories that promote successful self-assessment. 

This project allows students to be aware of their learning through digital technologies by providing immediate feedback which gives students a sense of accountability and agency as they are learning their physical education competencies, hence increasing overall motivation and engagement within the program. 

The resources shared below will enable you to copy the forms and customized them to your teaching situation.

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Below you will find various Learning and Evaluations Situations previously available on board sites and through MEQ  training sessions.  Some are also translations of French LESs available via the Éducation Physique et Santé – RECIT de développement de la personne.



Over the course of five periods, the students form teams of six and select their teammates based on their strengths and weaknesses. The students take

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Badminton Tournament

This learning situation is spread out over eight periods, in which students play a variety of roles. After working with different teams and playing badminton

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EMSB Healthy Active Living Journals: Secondary Cycle 1 and Cycle 2
Students develop an action plan for the year that will encourage them to change or improve upon their health. Resources are included to help keep track of fitness and lifestyle information. Health journal 1 and 2 as archive:




Below you can browse the 66+ games previously uploaded to our old “Games Database”. These games, descriptions and diagrams have now been converted into Google Documents you can copy and edit.

Click ‘Load more‘ to see the full collection.


PEH Quebec on Pinterest
The DEEN subcommittee consultants for Physical Education have set up a series of boards on Pinterest to share their suggestions for best sites. Follow us, and we will find and add your ideas too!

English LES are now available on the Volleyball Quebec web site.

There is a Volleyball Quebec Youtube video channel which has started publishing English videos.

Volleyball Quebec has been very accomodating with additional resources. Make requests on Twitter @VolleyballQC 

The Physical Educator
An online professional development resource for physical educators. Their mission is to help you become the best physical education teacher you can be.

Physical and Health Education Canada
Canada’s premier professional organization for physical and health educators for over 80 years. Various resources and tools as well as their PHE Journal.

P.E. Central
Lessons, Assessment, Best Practices, Prof. Dev. including Online PD Courses, Onsite Workshops, etc. and of course the Hall of Shame!

One stop shop for fitness resources, fitness station ideas, etc.

PE Games
Warm-Ups, Full Length, Classroom, Weekly Challenges, Fitness Circuits, etc. standards-based games
Some great content for your physical education program:
Invasion Games, Target Games, Net and Wall Games, Striking and Field Games, Chasing and Fleeing Games, Fundamental Movement Skills Games, Cooperation Games, and Health and Fitness Games!

Association of Physical Educators of Quebec (APEQ)
All about the APEQ conference and contacts for membership. Games!

Strengthening the physical education and health profession through meaningful and relevant professional learning opportunities in modern pedagogy.

OPEN – Online Physical Education Network
Curriculum Resources, PD, Equipment Packs.

A research-based organization that disseminates evidence-based Physical Education, After School, Early Childhood, and Coordinated School Health programs to teachers and recreation leaders.

Go to sample Lesson Plans

A collection of free Phys. Ed. webinars giving by leading Physical Education experts from Thompson Publishing.


CIRA Ontario Resources
CIRA Ontario is a registered charity whose mission is to encourage, promote and develop active living, healthy lifestyles and personal growth through intramural and recreational programs within the education and recreation communities.

Check out the ‘game videos‘ page. More are on the way!

Physical Education: Training Videos (BBC)
This website is home to thousands of free curriculum-mapped videos, arranged by age-group and subject.

Choose Elementary or Secondary age groups and look for the Physical Education content headings

Wrestling Demos

A series of wrestling moves demonstrated in High School Phys Ed classes. (Includes: flip, headlock, reverse, roll, sprawl, wrist lock, step out counter, etc..)  Go to the video folder

Youtube sites to check out!

Physical and Health Education Canada

Growing Young Movers (GYM)

The PhysicalEducator


James Mandigo

FlagHouse Activity Channel


Note that all documents referred to below are actually links directed to locations on the Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec (MEQ) site itself, specifically from the MEQ Programs of Study

Student Resources

Team Handball: LES

A fitness education learning activity for all Elementary levels. The resource folder includes a teacher’s guide and student resource.

Read More

Professional Development Resources

Professional Learning


Learning Communities & Professional Associations

Various associations and groups allow PEH teachers to communicate and share, and to develop as professional learners. Here is a list of few key groups: Find out what is going on in Physical Education and Health in Quebec. Follow some key folks and let us know about great resource and important events.

2023-2024 CONFERENCES: Physical Education - Healthy Schools - Physical Activity Promotion

PEH Contacts and Social Media

Find out what is going on in Physical Education and Health in Quebec. Follow some key folks and let us know about great resource and important events.

For questions about this section of the LEARN site you can contact me at

Facebook and other groups

Some Twitter folks worth following


Association of Physical Educators of Quebec


Katherine Baker



Volleyball Quebec

Additional Resources in Fitness Education

Fitness Education

This Fitness Education resource website was created through a PDIG grant in 2019. The team was made up of teachers Don Kerr (ETSB), Julie Ramundo (EMSB) and John Cameron (LBPSB), and consultants Katherine Baker (EMSB) and Veronique Robidas (ETSB). The final report is available via the LCEEQ reports page here, and specifically here.


Personal Fitness Plan
Secondary Cycle 1

Description: After completing fitness appraisal, students reflect and use S.M.A.RT. Goal setting to develop a fitness plan.

Personal Fitness Portfolio Assignment
Secondary Cycle 2

Description: After completing fitness appraisal students will use S.M.A.RT. Goal setting to develop a fitness plan. Reflection is encouraged throughout the process plan for encountering challenges and devise strategies to stick to their plan.

LES: Preparing for an Obstacle Course Secondary Cycle 1

Description: Students test, reflect and prepare themselves physically for obstacle course training.

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Craig Bullett
LEARN - Pedagogical Consultant Phys Ed Dossier

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