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English Language Arts

Browse the sections below for access to our Teacher and Student Resources and to
various opportunities for Professional Development.

LEARN Educational Resources

Teaching Resources

The English Language Arts program in Quebec emphasizes the use of language for communicating, learning, and living in a pluralistic society. LEARN offers tools that focus on authentic opportunities for students to write, talk, and produce text/media for a specific audience.

Graphic Organizer Store House

Visit our central storehouse for various graphic organizers, many which were developed for the myriad learning scenarios and document packages elsewhere on LEARN.

Evaluation Strategies and Tools

Tools and strategies to help teachers use the evaluation frameworks, monitor skills particular to the social sciences, and develop some best practices for exam situations. Note that this is where you will also find the LEARN I.O. icons and RECITUS Badges and Guides!

Cartograf - A LEARN-RECIT

Online Mapping Tool

Cartograf is an open-source, interactive web-based mapping and drawing application.
It allows students and teachers to create and share maps, collect and analyze images, and work collaboratively on class projects!

Student Resources

Professional Development Resources

Professional Learning


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Pedagogical Support

Please contact us if you are looking for personalized support in the form of workshops, classroom support, planning the curriculum, or presenting materials.

Curated Resources

Curated Teaching and Learning Resources

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Curated Professional Development Resources

Check out our suggestions for professional development resources for teachers.

Have you got a favourite podcast, YouTube channel, or other online media source you use for PD or in your classes? Tweet it to @LEARN_Ped or contact us directly.

Social Justice Competencies

Lisa K. Taylor’s strategies and resources (icons too!) to support curricula that frame and infuse students learning through a perspective of social justice and the active transformation of all forms of discrimination.

Learning Communities & Professional Associations

Various associations and groups allow SocSci teachers to communicate and share, and to develop as professional learners. Here is a list of few key groups:

Adult & Vocational Training
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