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🍎📚 Welcome to Teaching! 🍎📚

A New Adventure Each Day

Your first few years of teaching can be an exciting but challenging adventure. From classroom management to assessment, lesson planning, and just a few acronyms, there is much to learn, plan and organize!

On this page, we’ve gathered resources to support you as you enter the classroom. 

Teacher Competencies

The new Reference Framework for Professional Competencies for Teachers was published in 2020 by Ministère de l’Éducation . It contains 13 professional competencies. Click the button below to learn more about the competencies and its underlying principles.

Classroom Community & Management

Creating opportunities to establish and maintain positive relationships with your students and between students supports effective learning environments and aids with classroom management. Establishing clear rules and routines with your students is essential to effective teaching. You can begin this on your first day and review them often. Being consistent helps students know what to expect from you and, in turn, what you expect of them.

Check out the various resources below.

Quick Reads for the New Teacher

Meeting Diverse Needs

Creating an environment where learners feel safe and empowered to make choices in their education is paramount for fostering meaningful and inclusive learning experiences. When students feel safe at school, both physically and emotionally, it sets the foundation for optimal learning. Our topic pages contain information, resources and pedagogical tools and strategies to help support all learners.

Click on the topic(s) that interest you:

Educational Resources

You will find a subjects menu tab at the top of this website. These pages contain subject and grade-level specific resources and supports. We encourage you to explore the pages that are relevant to your teaching assignment. Alternatively, you can visit our educational resources page by clicking below.

Digital Competency

Digital competency has to do with the knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the use of technology. Digital technology is equally important for students and teachers.

Technology can support you by making planning and teaching more efficient and engaging. Our Educational Technology for a Healthy Work-Life Balance article gives some insight into how technology can be used by support educators wellness. Digital Competency also supports students as they will undoubtedly require technology skills in their personal and professional lives.

The LEARN/RÉCIT Digital Competency in Action website is a great place to look for resources and support related specifically to technology. The resource section has an easy to use search function to find what you need efficiently. From robotics and coding, to Open Creative Spaces (OCS) and assistive technology, we’ve got you covered!

RÉCIT consultants are also available to support you with technology integration. 

The LEARN/RÉCIT Digital Competency in Action website is a great place to look for resources and support related specifically to technology.

New School, New Subject? No Problem!

Looking for more tips and trick to get started? Our blog post contains resources, tips, and tricks to help avoid burnout when embarking on a new teaching adventure. After all, a happy (and well-rested) teacher is essential to a healthy and productive learning environment.

Professional Learning and Networking

Keep in mind that many of the best resources are already located in your school; they are your colleagues! Other staff members can offer insight into the unique dynamics of your school community, especially if they have previously worked with your students or taught similar material. At one point, even the most experienced teachers you know were newbies, so don't be shy to ask for support.

Webinars and workshops are also a great way to meet new people and learn from each other experiences.

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